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Asahd Khaled Grateful

Asahd Khaled’s Instagram Gives Us #Goals

Asahd Khaled, toddler son of rapper DJ Khaled, happens to be a real-life Instagram hero and gift to the world. On this Friday, we paused to wonder: What goes on in the mind of such a prodigy? Hard to tell — but here’s what we suspect is going on behind the babbles.

I’m available for listening sessions 🦁🎼

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Not every 8-month-old can executive produce their father’s album; so, I stepped up. From my birth being documented on Snapchat, to my 1 million followers on Instagram — how many babies do you know who are living their best life and being cuddled by Rihanna? Yup, zero. But let me tell you something: There is a method to my madness, and I am a lot more than just another cute face.

WOW!!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️👏🏼🙏🏼🦁🎶#grateful

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I mean, yes, my face is on a bus, on an album, on billboards and on… (you get the point). I am pretty fucking famous. But tbh, the best thing my pa (Dj Khaled) did for his new album’s marketing strategy is plaster my good-looking mug all over it. I mean, who wouldn’t hand in their little coins for a little bit of Asahd?

Oh, and if you are wondering how I am going to spend my hard-earned money in the future? On more gold couches of course. Any other couch is too mainstream, and gangster Asahd is not here for it (#anotherone).

What I am here for is whipping out my Ferrari for an early morning drive with my side chick, (aka the nanny), who feeds me grapes and calls it a lion’s snack. I am not going to lie: She loves it when I take her for a ride to Disneyland, with my tough toddler gang.

I had to lean into that turn lol #grateful

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Gm taking a morning drive 🏎😊

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Speaking of Disney, here’s a pic of my pa holding me up like Simba from The Lion King at the Hot 97 Summer Jam. I mean, sure Remy Ma and Chris Brown slayed the Biggie tribute, but will I sign them up for the next album I am producing? Only time will tell. Maybe when I am two years old and the guest appearances run dry.

@hot97 #hot97summerjam2017 daddy @djkhaled had me like simba lol 🦁🦁😜

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Till then we are busy jet-setting in my G6, like a G6. I am trying to help my pops get over his fear of flying, so that we can be more global than we already are. Plus, with us two on this plane, it’s definitely 24K magic in the air.

ATL IM HERE !! Wit my daddy !!! #GRATEFUL

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But don’t get me wrong. Like every toddler and young mogul, I have plenty temper tantrums. But then I remember that I am often in the arms of the baddest girl in the game, and it all makes sense again (#blessup).

To say the least my week started out great!! @badgalriri told me I smelled so good!!! 😊🤦🏽‍♂️❤️

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