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Kym Simoncini & Kevin Larkin,
The Conversation

Kym Simoncini teaches preservice early childhood and primary teachers. Prior to her academic career, Kym was a primary school teacher. She is part of the Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) pilot project that will be trialed in 100 preschools across Australia in 2018. She is also part of a large consortium project in Papua New Guinea to increase access to literacy and learning for young children lead by World Vision. Her research interests are family learning and play.Kevin Larkin is the Vice President (Communications) for the Mathematics Education Research Group Australasia (MERGA). He has taught, and led the teaching of, mathematics for 34 years: as a primary school classroom teacher, school and curriculum leader, and university educator. Every aspect of his teaching is informed by an overarching goal to inspire new generations of creative, motivational mathematics teachers, and is complemented by a robust research and scholarship portfolio.

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