In Case You Missed It: Our Most Helpful Tips for Parenting Toddlers


Jul 13, 2017


Toddlers are the best — when they’re not busy being the worst. We could make you search the whole site in order to find the advice you need, but we’re not really about that. Instead, we’re about parenting tips for toddlers that are based on research, endorsed by experts, and at your fingertips the moment you need them… like when your kid is having a meltdown in the middle of airport security.

Below, we cover the handful of universal pain, points when it comes to parenting toddlers, the big things that anyone raising a toddler worries about or struggles with. (But if you think we’ve missed anything – let us know in the comments!)

The Swaddle’s most helpful tips for parenting toddlers

On eating

Dealing with toddlers’ eating vagaries is the stuff of parental legend (and migraines). We suggest you start with our video below, or this overview of how to get picky eaters to eat. For those of you whose toddler is simply veggie-adverse, check out this tip for getting her to eat her greens. Finally, for those of you at your wit’s end, check out Instagram wellness expert Sonia Jhas’s note from the trenches – a ‘been there, done that’ guide to getting a toddler to eat.

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On bad behaviour and discipline

Behaviour and discipline seem so critical at this age, to lay the groundwork for all of the behaviour to come. But take a deep breath. Count to 10. We’ve got you covered.

Is your toddler clinging to you like the Velcro on his shoe? We got tips. Has she started lying to you? Watch the video below. What about when she has a full-blown tantrum crazy enough to convince the people in the next room that you’re beating her? (Isn’t parenting fun!) Here’s what you do (or watch the video below).

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If all else fails, here’s how to introduce time outs for kids. (It’s an art.) Finally, here’s the secret to the only sure way of prompting better behaviour long term. (Hint: It’s not about punishment.)


Let’s start with the basics: The ability to leave the house without a diaper. It’s a skill that will take them far, and it will be life-changing for you. Here’s how you help them do it:

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But there are a host of other life skills and attributes that have their foundation in parenting during the toddler years, from instilling good table manners (here’s your how-to), to helping kids get past their irrational fears (a pocket guide). Plus, we want to make sure they’re in touch with their emotions, have high self-esteem, and are comfortable in their own skin. It’s a tall order, but those tips will help you get on the right parenting track from the start.


A toddler’s mind is like a sponge – where to even begin? How about at the start: How toddlers do (and don’t) absorb and retain knowledge:

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For more specific learning tips, you can check out these toddler games for building language skills, learn what kind of story book for toddlers is the most educational, and get a librarian’s advice on how to raise a reader.

You can also play these maths activities with your toddler (and celebrate only when they really understand the concepts). And play these games to stimulate their imagination – and learn what inhibits it.

Finally, we’ve got parenting tips that will help you help a toddler take that big, first step into the world: preschool. From what to look for as you start your preschool search, to explaining all of the different educational philosophies of preschools, to tips for making your final decision, and to guidance on how to prepare your kid for the first day – we’ve got you covered.


And last, but certainly not least: safety. Toddlers are notorious for resisting the little things that are for their own good and actively imperilling their well-being. We’ve got tips for getting toddlers into carseats – and for getting things out of their noses. We’ve also got some expert advice on how to keep toddlers safe from sexual abuse.

Parenting toddlers isn’t easy. But with these tips, it doesn’t have to be so hard.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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