FWP: ‘Her Glamour Selfies are Getting a Bit Embarrassing’


Feb 15, 2017


PROBLEM: I have a friend who won’t stop posting selfies of her in bikinis and other over-the-top selfies on her social media. I’m fairly certain this is a desperate bid for attention, but her glamour selfies are getting a bit embarrassing. Do I let her continue to be a laughing stock, or give her some words of unsolicited advice?

MM: I’d say this is a cry for help. Give her a call and ask her how she’s doing. While you’re at it, maybe slip in a joke about how you’re seeing more of her than you want to.

AV: We expect friends to tell us the truth. But in the age of unconscious likes and social oversaturation, who is a friend? Someone you met last week or someone you haven’t met in years? Whether you should approach her or not completely depends on how close you are.

And also — what is the truth? Is it what she feels, or what other people feel about her? Maybe she’s OK with some people laughing, as long as the object of her attention is appreciating her selfies.

Or, maybe she’s lost it. Unsolicited advice is a Cold War era bomb — it could be a dud with no adverse reactions, or it could explode unexpectedly. If you do decide to detonate, suit up.

SB: Isn’t that what social media is all about? Are you the same person that hates foodporn, memes and funny videos, too? Seems like your friend is pretty happy putting herself out there, regardless of how it’s perceived. If she’s not embarrassed, there’s no reason for you to be.

That being said, do you really need to wake up to cleavage shots and a pouty-face parade on your feed everyday? Not so much. Sounds like she should be part of a social media friend purge.

LG: You have touched on some uncharted modern philosophy, my friend. Can we ever really know people whose real-world personalities we enjoy, but whose virtual personalities are garbage cans full of one-pieces?

It’s obviously preying on your mind. So Rorschach this shit before your friend starts appearing only as a giant, embarrassing pair of duckface lips in your dreams. Get a few scraps of Lycra together and, if you see your friend’s face in their folds, follow SB’s advice: purge. Sometimes (virtual) bulimia really is the best response to the sight of a bikini body.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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