The Earliest Signs You Might Be Pregnant


Aug 2, 2017


Whether they’ve been planning and hoping for a new addition to the family, or they’re dreading the consequences of a few bad decisions, most women face the uncertainty of a potential pregnancy with a few days of heightened anxiety. Unfortunately, biology imposes a waiting period for those women trying to interpret the early signs of pregnancy.

Most home pregnancy tests can only detect pregnancy hormones around the first day of your next (presumably missed) period. But since ovulation usually occurs about halfway through a regular — let’s assume a 28-day — cycle, that leaves approximately ten to fourteen days between ovulation/possible conception and the day you can take a pregnancy test. At the very least, you have to angst your way through 10 days; the most sensitive home pregnancy tests can only detect pregnancy hormones (HGC) 10 days after conception.

To keep you from going mad with positive (or negative) speculation during that time, here’s your guide to early pregnancy symptoms, so you can separate the real signs that you are pregnant, from the imaginary.

Possible early signs of pregnancy

We’ve ranked these first signs of pregnancy in order of how soon after conception you might experience them. But it’s important to remember is that each woman’s body is different, and each pregnancy is different; you may experience one or more of the following symptoms and may not be pregnant — or you may experience none, but still be pregnant. There are any number of factors, hormonal or other, that could be causing similar pregnancy symptoms. However, these are the most common, early signs of pregnancy.

Sore or tender breasts

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy that women report  is unusually sore or tender breasts, which can happen as early as 1 week after conception.


Growing a baby is hard work, and bodies get tired while they’re doing it! Early pregnancy involves a lot of fatigue, and exceptional tiredness can start as soon as 1 week after conception.


Some women experience light spotting 1-2 weeks after conception, in what is known as “implantation bleeding,” that is, bleeding that results from the fertilized egg implanting itself onto the wall of the uterus (which is one of the earliest, necessary developments in a healthy pregnancy). This is completely normal, but the bleeding does not happen to everyone.

A missed period

It sounds obvious, but about 30% of women report their missed period as the first sign they might be pregnant. As explained above, a missed period usually occurs 1-2 weeks after conception. If you usually have regular periods, and are a few days late, it may be a good idea to take a pregnancy test — which will likely be effective at this point in your cycle — but keep in mind that even women with very regular periods do occasionally experience delays of as much as a week; a missed period by itself is not necessarily a conclusive sign of pregnancy.


The nausea that accompanies pregnancy, also called “morning sickness,” can start as early as 2 weeks after conception.

There are other early signs of pregnancy, such as food cravings or aversions, backaches and headaches, frequent urination, and mood swings, but these usually occur a few weeks after the symptoms listed above and after a home pregnancy test has become effective. And just a reminder that even if that home test reads positive, that result needs to be confirmed by a test from an OB/GYN.



Written By The Swaddle Team

  1. Nisha.raval

    My home pregnancy test is possitive but sonography is not able to detect pregnancy..
    My last period date is 5th February.. what should I do…pls suggest me

    • Harika

      Hi doctor ,

      Last month i got period at 20 of nov but this month i didnt get the period till now.can u please suggest..i have done pregancy test in house but i got 2 lines out of which 1 line is very light can i consider this as a postive or not

      • Khalida

        Yes u r pregnant..take an ample of rest and wait for a week then go for the test again…best of luck

  2. Chauhan

    We are trying since last 2months for the pregnancy…but my periods are regular..also tried for prega news that also comes negative…whats the reason behind…is there any complications or what????

    • Nabapriya Sengupta

      I too am trying for 6 months to get pregnant but everytime the period comes in. Sometimes before and sometimes after.. I had an misscarrge also in Aug 2017 of 23 days as doc told me and the report came all normal after that I gave a gap of 6 months as my Doctor told me and then tried again. But still from last 6 months I am not able to convince.. Every month I expect but period comes through and it breaks me down. Please suggest me what to do

      • Sienne Smith

        I know how this phase gets. I had been trying to conceive for 1.5 years before I finally got pregnant. I kept track of my ovulation days and tried mostly on those days only. Calculate your ovulation days and then try. It might be of some help to you. Good Luck!

  3. Sakshi

    My last period date is 12 March…I have done home pregnancy test but shows negative results .. my periods are still missing …kindly explain …

    • Bhanu

      We had our sex last 2 days back and didn’t use any safety during copulation. But sperm ejaculation has not happened as we removed before the ejaculation. And I still fear of pregnancy.. Plz help me to find the answer

  4. Smitha

    Hi my last periods was on 18th June…… now it’s 7th Aug…. o feel tired ….mood swings….Feeling like vomiting sensations…… is there any good news

    • Chandana Panika

      First do test I have the same feeling so m pregnant nd now I’ll abort it

  5. Deepa

    Hi doctor , I got periods on March 11th Nd in April I got drop of blood for 3 days nd in May I didn’t get periods so i checked in prega test 3 times nd it was negative nd laterI went to doctor nd she gave susten 200… so wt exactly is my issue ?? Do u think m pragnant ??

  6. Rashida

    I hv irregular periods last week i gt periods bt it was jst spottng i m nt sure whethr it was period or nt n i hv pain in my lower abdomen n my weight is also increasing. Plz suggest wt is happening wit me.

  7. Jalaneela murali

    Sir my frnd having periods missing since 2 months and recently started breast fluid bleeding is she pregnant r what

  8. Scorpio

    My girlfriend missed her periods by 9 days she got periods last month on 12th august .. the kit says negative what do u suggest

  9. Priya

    1 week ago after that I have to go washroom frequently what does this mean?? And week ago which medicine I take to curb

  10. Reji

    I have a missed periods and finally bleeding after 38 days it’s sign of pregnancy

  11. Sugu

    I have a missed periods and finally bleeding after 8 days it’s sign of pregnancy

  12. Neha

    Hi ,I m neha,I have some query
    Actually my period got over in this first week of March.back 4 days I m facing some changes in my body like acidity,fluent in urine ,breast and stomach heavy, nt feeling to eat
    Does it s symptoms of pregnancy

  13. Adeniyi Haleemat

    What if u have all these signs and still get your period after 28days of your last period,Can u still be pregnant?

  14. Elena

    I’m 31 days late on my period, seems like I got it yesterday, small drop of blood came out and similar like menstruation with some clots. But now it’s gone, didn’t even fill up my pad. Am I pregnant or is this pcos?


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