FWP: Twerking in Protest


Jun 14, 2017


first world problemsPROBLEM: Help me, I am turning into a party-pooper. You know that friend who says, “This is a misogynistic song,” at a party? Yup, that’s me. Should I suppress my urges to protest misogynistic song lyrics (a la Jason Derulo’s music) or shall I quietly twerk along?

KB: Party-poopers are the new it girls. Can I just say, I’m kind of sick of the era of the party girl who does body shots, joy rides with drunk friends, and indulges in messy public hookups. I think you should usher in a new era where the stick-in-the-mud reigns supreme. As long as you don’t get in the way of others’ twerking, I kind of applaud your (hopefully non-sanctimonious) feminist stances on songs that degrade women. You go, girl.

LG: Hey, a girl has to have standards. You should think of yourself less as a party-pooper and more as a the patron saint of parties, showing hosts how to do it better — because it’s not a good party when the songs demean half (presumably) of the guests. Take a pause and raise your glass to women everywhere when songs that are sexist come on!

MM: As someone whose inner people-pleaser is constantly in conflict with her inner activist, I think silent protest is the way to go. Don’t twerk along to songs that you deeply despise. But if you quietly sip your whisky while everyone does their thing, it’s a win-win.

SB: I can’t get the picture of you twerking resentfully and silently out of my head, lol. It’s my opinion that one should never feel peer pressured to twerk along, so instead, find that friend who will agree with anything while drunk and give them an earful about Derulo’s misogynistic song lyrics.

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