Is India Ready To Be Besharam?


Jan 16, 2015


We couldn’t believe our eyes and ears—India has its very own online “adult lifestyle” shop? In a country so reluctant to address basic facts about human biology, even in the most free-wheeling, open-minded circles … did someone just put it all out there?

Yes, they did. And we mean all of it.

Sure, the site design of I’m Besharam is inelegant at best; the models are all white; and the categories read like a teenage boy’s idea of the aisles in an Amsterdam sex toys shop (Arousal & Attractants? Energy & Performance?). But for each category that might leave you puzzled or bemused, there’s another tongue-in-cheek touch (an entire section on Divorce Parties!) to assure you that someone had just as much fun creating this site as you are having browsing it.

We’re glad someone has finally admitted what we all knew all along—that Indians are having lots of sex. But more importantly, this business is filling a demand openly, without tip-toeing around what it sells. The site provides accurate images of its sex toys and other products, even those that would undoubtedly register high on some aunties’ porn-o-meter. And it’s unapologetic about customers’ gender, sexual orientation, or bedroom preferences. The “About” section even contains a whiff of charming naïveté: we might all be happier, less stressed, less “aggressive” if we could be freer to pursue our fantasies. The founders have lofty ambitions!

With brand representative Sunny Leone (who else?), it looks like this team knows its market and aims to ease first-time buyers into the experience with frictionless customer service. The brand employs the usual techniques – like discreet packaging – to ensure potential customers don’t get scared off. And it offers a liberal return policy (don’t ask us how that works). But it has also adapted for its target demographic: the site offers COD as a payment option, and provides detailed explanations of e-commerce basics for those who might be shopping online for the first time. Something tells us this team will be able to afford a new web designer – and maybe a few Indian models – very soon.



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Written By The Swaddle Team


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