Things We Love: Kalakaari Haath


Feb 2, 2017


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of kids’ room decor that doesn’t elicit a gag reflex. After all, we adults have to live within these walls, and an expanse of pink unicorns, glitter rainbows, Spiderman, or — God forbid — something Peppa Pig is just too godawful to endure. So, like us, you have probably sat around, surrounded by your stark white walls, hoping that one day, someone talented would come up with whimsical and beautiful decor that strikes a chord with kids, but mostly, makes their parents feel like their kids’ rooms aren’t a black hole of good taste.

Enter Kalakaari Haath, a Bombay-based design firm that will create a custom mural to fit your wall. The designs are all based on traditional Indian handicrafts, and they all have an exquisite uniqueness to them. (Though the designs are printed on vinyl, for easy cleaning and maintenance, you might actually feel as if they’ve been painted directly onto your wall.) Sahiba, the brain, heart, and architect/designer behind this boutique firm, can work to customize her vision according to your (or junior’s) favorite colors and animals.

You can finally stop searching in vain for baby room ideas on Pinterest. Nursery decor has never been cooler.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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