Monday Mashup: Science, Sugar, and $15.2 Million


Feb 23, 2015


Every other week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Bedtime Science

Wendy Thomas Russell listens as her husband tells her daughter exciting bedtime stories from the wonderful world of science. Having struggled with appreciation for (not to mention understanding of) maths and science her whole life, she now advises other parents to ditch fairy tales and focus on the magic right in front of us. We can relate—can you?

Fat Versus Sugar

Doctors and identical twins, Chris and Alexander Van Tulleken set about to finally solve the debate around which is worse for one’s health, fat or sugar? Chris went on a low-fat diet for a month, while Alexander went on a carbohydrate (i.e. sugar)-free diet. The article deserves a full read but, briefly, the final verdict? Surprisingly, neither—and both.

One More Reason To Clean Your Cupboards

A lost copy of the Magna Carta was found tucked in a Victorian scrapbook in Sandwich, England. Valued at roughly USD 15.2 million, the 700-year-old document is one of only 2o-some known copies worldwide, though experts say it’s likely several more are floating around undiscovered. So go clean out your cupboards—maybe the Britishers left something behind!

The World Through a Toddler’s Eyes

Have you wanted to see the world through a child’s eyes? This New York photographer has, so he attached a camera to his son’s pram to understand how the baby sees the world. The results are charming: “[…] he discovered unexpected shadows or contrasts, or when the protective plastic distorted the view of pointillist raindrops.”

UK OK’s Threesome Babies

The UK is now the first country to allow combining DNA from three people – two women and one man – in order to create a baby. While a weird concept at face value, the revolutionary technique promises to stop genetic diseases from being passed down by the mother, without ceding a biological relationship.

A New Perspective On Having-It-All

Sharon Shapiro recounts her mother’s life journey as well as her own, chronicling her rebellion against following the example of a homemaker with four children. But now middle-aged herself, Shapiro wishes she hadn’t been so black-and-white, realizing too late that women can have it all—just not at the same time.

The Only Baby Book You’ll Ever Need

A first-time parent and author, Michael Erard tells us about the best parenting book in the world. What makes it so? The book is a semi-academic treatise on parenting practices all over the globe and its conclusion is simple: The kids will be just fine. It’s a refreshing refrain in an age of exported American hover-parenting.

Philosophy as Modern Art

Does a good infographic warm your soul, but still leave you pondering what it all means? Then you’ll love these graphical interpretations of schools of philosophical thought by London-based designer Genis Carreras. Minimalist and brightly coloured, they’ll stick with you the way uni’s Intro to Philosophy never did.


Finally, for anyone living under a rock, outside of India, or at the office, here is a round-up of the hilarious commercials from last week’s India v Pakistan World Cup match. Jai Hind!



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