Monday Mashup: A Day of Yes and The Sex Talk


Apr 6, 2015


Every other week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

A Day Of Yes

When Meg Conley’s six-year-old asks to have a day when mom can’t say No, her immediate reaction is blind terror. But in the wake of her first ‘Day of Yes,’ she shares five heartwarming and surprising lessons.

Let’s Talk About Sex 

We’re a bit in love with Julie Metzger, who gives presentations on human development and sexuality to reluctant and mortified preteens and their parents in the US. She combines humor with frank, accurate information and gets parents and children alike involved in her interactive section. If the article on her methods doesn’t grab you, you’ll at least enjoy the hilarious slideshow of ‘Ask Any Question’ questions. A sample: “When people have sex, why do they breathe funny?”

A Scientific Breakthrough In Diapers

No, there is not some laser-cut silicon, self-cleaning diaper model on the market (more’s the pity). But diapers have been making a major contribution to science lately. Scientist at MIT have used a super-absorbent polymer found in most diapers to enhance 3D brain scan technology.

India’s Other Daughters

In the wake of documentaries and videos highlighting Indian women’s inequity and oppression, this bit of feel-good news is much needed. In Piplantri, a village in Rajasthan, the community not only values their girl children, they celebrate them—by planting 111 fruit trees each time a female baby is born.

Contraception Through The Ages

This two-minute video traces contraception through the ages – from honey and acacia leaves in 1850 BC to predictions around male contraceptives in 2020 – for a fascinating glimpse into the history of the hush-hush. Slick animation in cool colours offers proof that women have always sought control over when and how they get pregnant.

Totally Cool or Totally Creepy?

The next step in the Internet of Things brings us Hello Barbie, a toy that can verbally interact with your child. We’re not talking about pulling a string and spewing a string of “Mama’s” a la our own childhood. We’re talking about artificial intelligence similar to the iPhone’s Siri, which can respond and question your child as he or she plays.




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