Monday Mashup: 10 Days Without Sugar


Nov 16, 2015


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Proof Is In The Poison?

The science and medical communities have long debated whether sugar actually harms the body, or whether it’s the weight gained by way of sugar intake that harms health. A new study points to the latter with its results: Kids who were put on a no-sugar diet, while maintaining their caloric intake, showed remarkably improved health in just 10 days.

HR Meets Big Data

The days of office anonymity may be over. This article describes how workplaces of the future will be optimized by monitoring your vitals. Creepy or awesome? It probably depends whether you have manager in your title. But the concepts described — and the fact that what seems like science fiction is really not-so-distant reality — are pretty cool.

Why Women Are Quitting

It’s been an accepted fact that women quit their jobs at certain ages. But this analysis from LinkedIn suggests that’s not fact but assumption — and it’s wrong. LinkedIn surveyed thousands of users to arrive at what they say is the real women are changing jobs. True? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely.



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