Monday Mashup: A Biological Clock That Doesn’t Chime


Oct 5, 2015


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

A Biological Clock That Doesn’t Chime?

A new treatment called OvaPrime nurtures egg stem cells into viable eggs, replenishing a woman’s stock of eggs, which was previously believed to be limited. It’s poised to revolutionize IVF and may make it possible for women to no longer worry at what age to have children. One cellular step for science, one flying leap for womankind?

Keep The Pressure Down — Way Down

New findings on blood pressure will completely change the way doctors practice medicine, writes one physician. A recent study — shuttered early due to overwhelmingly clear results — definitively sets the numbers to which high blood pressure should be lowered, and it’s much lower than previously thought.

Rock ‘N Rollers

What’s a parent to do with many small children and only one lap? Check out this amazing customized rocking chair made for a parent of three, so he or she can read to their kids and rock all at once. Save the photos and show them to the nearest furniturewalla!

Can’t Get Enough Cuteness

Scientists are in a competition to find the cutest animal. Researchers have been asked to submit the cutest example from their field — and the candidates aren’t always what you’d expect. It’s a contest in which everyone wins: We get a steady parade of adorable animals, and what could possibly make a Monday morning better? Check out the #CuteOff hashtag on Twitter for more.


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