Monday Mashup: A Bottle Full Of Stress


Dec 14, 2015


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Breastfeeding On Stress

Breast milk — along with all of the beneficial minerals, proteins, antibodies and more — could also be passing on stress. Breast milk is full of hormones, including cortisol, the stress hormone, and it might just impact babies as much as the good stuff.  But the flip side is: baby’s who are exposed to stress via breastmilk seem to be more resilient as they grow up.

Nobody’s Fooled

When parents meddle in kids’ school work it often becomes obvious to everyone — other parents, teachers, and classmates, who see it as a form of cheating. This author remembers how her son flailed while a classmate’s parent helped score the good grade — and reflects on who really won in the end.

The Future Climate of India

The US and China have, to date, been the main focus of the fight against climate change as the biggest carbon emitters per capita or in total. But India is on the cusp of rapid growth that could have it challenging these dubious distinctions. What will that mean for the country and the world?


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