Monday Mashup: Ad Men on the Moon & Hearing Plants


Oct 26, 2015


Put the Devices Away

If you read one article this year on digital detox, let it be this one (oh, and anything else we publish).  But really, it’s almost scary: research shows that even the presence of a device in the room makes us less connected and engaged with each other.  And research also shows that kids want us to talk to them more.  We know you’re sick of hearing this, parents, but this is a great read on why you should create tech-free zones at home.

Ad Man on the Moon

A Japanese soda company putting some serious marketing yen behind putting its product on the  moon in a time capsule-like device.  Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time corporations have used inter-galactic publicity stunts.

Coffee: Best Thing Ever, or Killing You Slowly?

We’re so sick of the conflicting advice about virtually every nutrition rule that seems to be proven… until it’s not.  One common confusion is around coffee – it is good for you or not?  Turns out the answer is: a little bit of both.

Bad News for Vegetarians

It turns out plants can actually hear you eating them.  Just because their reactions look different than animals’ doesn’t mean they’re not exhibiting chemical responses to a threat.  Sorry vegetarians, the moral argument might be dead.



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