Monday Mashup: Art School Is The Future?


Mar 7, 2016


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Art School Is The Future?

This article argues that, given technology is well on its way to making most work obsolete, our kids will come of age in a post-work society where traditional skills will be unnecessary. What will be necessary? Creativity. Read more here.

All Things Uterus

Ever wondered about the history of the uterus? We’re talking evolution in its finest (and weirdest) form. Learn more about the history of your ladybits here.

Tech To Save Our Furry Friends

iPhones are helping us save our favourite animals in Asia and beyond. Seriously! Read more about how cool new tech is being used to fight poaching and revolutionize conservation efforts.

Bollywood’s Perfect Body

Our very own Farah Naz Khan is more than just a pretty face (and a doctor)! She’s a Bollywood fan, too, and a critical one at that. Check out how she takes us through Bollywood body image through the years, and what it has meant for Indian women.




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