Monday Mashup: Best Marriage Advice of All Time?


Jun 29, 2015


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The Best Marriage Advice of All Time?

A husband and wife team spent six years researching marriage advice over the centuries. The result is a 500+ page tome that compiles the A to Z of marriage tips, gleaned from poems, notes, articles and more. After all that, one of the authors offers up what she thinks is the best tip of them all for making a marriage work.

The Learning App Curve

Educational apps have been the parenting rage for a few years now, but only now are people starting to ask if they’re really that educational. One such company is investing in rigorous testing to determine how much learning these games foster. Yogome is studying its line of math and science games aimed at kids 5 to 11 in the same kind of controlled trial used to study and approve prescription drugs.

Foodie Secrets Revealed

Ever wonder where the holes in Swiss cheese come from? It’s not from nibbling mice or CO2 bubbles. Instead, part of the traditional cheese-making process causes and influences the size of these holes. Modern methods result in smaller holes or no holes whatsoever. Which begs the question: If Swiss cheese has no holes, is it really Swiss?

15 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

It’s the little things in life that make us the most happy. This holds true for adults and children. This list compiles 15 things parents can do every day to make sure their child feels loved. Minimal time and effort required, but maximum impact on the child’s life.

Leveling The Contraceptive Field

Contraception has often been the responsibility of women, but that’s all about to change in the next 3 to 5 years! A couple of new male contraceptives will hit the market in the near future, and most interesting is that neither are hormone-based. We excited to see equal options for contraception and are also excited about the potential implications this will have on medicinal methods for women.


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