Monday Mashup: Caveman Parenting and Living On Nature’s Credit


Sep 7, 2015


Every week we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Parent Like A Caveman

A new parenting trend, ‘Paleo parenting,’ seeks to set kids on a routine closer to what our early ancestors experienced. From diet, to sleep patterns, Paleo parents look to humanity’s past as they raise its future. The article is an interesting take that explains the idea without fully buying into it.

Living On Credit

So, mankind has already consumed 100% of the resources the Earth produced this year. Carbon emissions are largely responsible for living beyond nature’s means. But it’s slightly reassuring (or terrifying?) that the last time a full year of resources lasted, well, a full year was in 1970.

Selfish Brains

New research reveals the brain activity of extremely selfish people, also known as Machiavellianism. Through brain scans taken during a simulated business interaction, researchers were able to pinpoint the differences in response between a normal person and a jerk.

Oh Sugar, Sugar

A new documentary follows a man as he consumes 40 teaspoons each day for two months. Unsurprisingly, it takes a huge toll on his health and physique. The twist is, he’s not eating sodas, candy or desserts; he’s eating supposedly healthy food with hidden, added sugars — and they’re more dangerous than we think.


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