Monday Mashup: Debunking The H20 Myth


Sep 21, 2015


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8 Glasses A Day … Or Not?

Apparently, the accepted rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day is a myth! Who knew? A doctor who conducted key research years ago that debunked this rule is still trying to get the message out. Learn more about how much water you actually need — and from where — here.

A Second Helping Of Leafy Greens, Please

It’s been known for a while that what you eat while pregnant affects your developing baby. But new research shows to astounding effect, just how much. Eating lots of leafy greens in early pregnancy can mean your child — and possibly grandchild — is seven times more likely to life a longer, healthier life.

The Changing Face Of The World

The world population is set to change dramatically in the next 80-some years. These five predictions are a fascinating glimpse into the future, when the world will be much more crowded in some places.

How To See Through A Lie

Interestingly, all the old clichés, like sweating, twitching, lack of eye contact, are not on the list of ways to best spot a liar. New research indicates that asking open-ended questions — and actually listening to the responses — is the best way to sniff out a lie. Read on, as it might come in handy the next time you’re trying to figure out who broke the vase ….



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