Monday Mashup: Equating Hubris with Leadership


Dec 21, 2015


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!


Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

A Harvard Business review piece posits that many of the qualities we normally associate with leadership are actually confidence – and sometimes arrogance and narcissism – masked as competence.  When women, who often display very different temperaments and qualities, are given opportunities to lead, the results are often better than those of their male counterparts, suggesting that perhaps we’re rewarding the wrong qualities when we choose male “leaders.”


Another (Great) Perspective on Getting Kids to Eat

For those parents who feel like they’ve tried everything to get picky eaters to eat, this piece suggests another approach: just back off.  Frequently, our incessant cajoling and bribing is counterproductive, and what kids really need is a little space to make their own decisions about what to eat (with gentle guidance).


You May Not Be as Manipulate-able as Advertisers Think

Behavioral science has been a growing field with applications in business, government, law, and policy.  This fascinating article explores how the race to understand and manipulate the human mind – for brands or governments – may not deliver the expected results.





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