Monday Mashup: Food Is Dangerous, Except When It’s Not


Oct 12, 2015


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Food Is Dangerous, Except When It’s Not

This darkly humorous piece reflects on all of the nutrition studies that have come out over the past decade or so, each blaring a warning about a new food. The more we think we know about what food will kill us, the greater our (false) sense of control of our mortality; after all, it’s food that is keeping us alive.

Breast Cancer Truths Your Doc Won’t Share

A long read — but worth it — this article examines the cult of mammography and questions (using hard data and medical fact) whether mammograms really save lives. It explains breast cancer in the most easy-to-understand way we’ve ever read, and while perhaps simplistic, its analysis is sound enough to make us question what we thought we knew about the disease.

The Stories Of Our Life

This is another long read, but we were gripped to the end. This article explores how humans form life narratives, and how these narratives influence — and are influenced by — our mental health, brain chemistry, relationships, and more. The author sums it up succinctly early on — “Stories are life, and life is stories” — but the intricacy of it all kept us reading.

Youth’s Quest For Fame

Every generation thinks the next is a bit frivolous. Our current gripe is that Today’s Kids are growing up fame-obsessed and self-centered. Often we blame this on mass media’s promotion of celebrity culture, but is that fair? This article explores the goals of popularity and fame among youth today, providing perspectives and research on both sides.


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