Monday Mashup: Men Try On Motherhood


May 18, 2015


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Men Try On Motherhood

In honor of Mother’s Day, the “Try Guys” made a series in which they attempt to experience as much of motherhood as possible—starting with the baby bump and yes, even labour. While we imagine most real men aren’t quite as bumbling as these guys come across, it’s still an interesting experiment. Watch all of the five-minute episodes here for a good laugh.

Breast Milk And The City

Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson were so inspired by a New York Times piece on the difficulties of breastfeeding for low-income women that now they’re featured in the same for their invention: private pods where women can breastfeed or pump in peace, which can be stationed around cities, even within buildings. We say let’s get some for the major metros here as quickly as possible!

How ‘Real’ Do We Want Women?

An interesting follow-up to Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful campaign in Delhi last month and the growing trend of ‘real-women advertising’ asks how real do we want our real women to be? And concludes that in the end, incorporating more variants on beauty is never enough—someone will always feel left out.

Rewiring Education

The US public school system isn’t exactly known for its excellence; among the rest of the developed world, its schools have been deemed decidedly average. But what the US is known for is ideas (good and bad), and this idea – for enhancing education with technology to the ultimate degree – strikes us as one of the former.

The Blind Spot In Women’s Health

This article reveals the huge gap in gender-specific medical research results—despite the fact that men and women are different on a cellular level. Not surprisingly, most studies, whether animal or human, overwhelmingly focus on male participants and leaving the world with a huge blind spot in how major diseases and medicines affect women.

The Perfect Cup Of Tea

The Swaddle is powered by many cups of tea and coffee, which is why we fell in love with this feature on the perfect cuppa—as advised by literary giant George Orwell. Indian chai gets a special shout-out, which Orwell says (by inference) makes one feel “wiser, braver, or more optimistic.” We agree!


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