Monday Mashup: ‘Mom Brain’ Is A Real Thing


Jan 25, 2016


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‘Mom Brain’ Is A Real Thing

All of those new worries you had once you brought your baby home? You weren’t irrational or hormonal — your brain was literally rewiring itself for motherhood, with certain parts of the brain growing to facilitate bonding. Read more about the changes to a mother’s brain here.

How We Write About Love

This essay explores how men and women novelists have depicted love and romance over the past two centuries. Fascinatingly, clear differences emerge, begging the question: Does art imitate or influence life?

The Pros And Cons of Home Births

As home births become more popular, new data is available to help clarify what are the pros and cons. Both sides of the birth community are embracing the new study. Read more about the risks and benefits here.



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