Monday Mashup: Secret To Your Daughter’s Success


Jul 13, 2015


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Secret to Your Daughter’s Success

A new study by Harvard Business School may ease the guilt trip society tends to give working mothers. Sons of working mothers tended to help more with caring for family members and home chores, while daughters of working mothers are not only more like to be employed, but more likely to excel!

Study Confirms What Everyone Already Knew

Another new study finds that sex and alcohol make people happier than having children and religion. But don’t be fooled — children and religion made it into the top five, so it’s only a matter of degrees. It’s interesting to try to pin down the source of our happiness, but we imagine it’s a little fruitless; surely, happiness is a combination game?

When Plants Catch A Cold

We never thought to be so captivated by how plants spread diseases to one another, but this article and the accompanying video is fascinating. Basically, plants ‘sneeze’ when rain rebounds off their leaves onto other, nearby flora. Who knew?

A Queen’s Ransom

In your annoying read of the week, learn how much the Queen of England is worth. Try not to dwell on how much of that was ripped off from us and other former colonies.

White Lies Build Grey Cells

If you’re concerned your children are lying to you, take comfort in the fact that they’re building memory and thinking skills, encourage researchers from the University of Sheffield (who are clearly not parents themselves). That said, it’s an interesting read on the inner workings of our mind when we lie and being fooled by an occasional white lie isn’t wholly bad.



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