Monday Mashup: Speaking To Kids About Terrorism


Nov 23, 2015


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

A Male Actress?

The French government has issued recommendations to combat sexism in the workplace with the power of language. By using feminized job titles — like directrice instead of directeur — for everyone, the argument goes, gender stereotypes can be rendered null. France, we salute you — for many reasons.

And Speaking Of France …

Here’s an excellent take on how to speak to children about terrorism. Written by a mom living in one of the Parisian neighbourhoods targeted by terrorists, it’s both scary and sensible. But most gripping is the video, which features Parisian children searching for answers about the attacks in their city.

‘A Window Into Hell’

For all our geology-nerd readers, a peek into the world of underwater volcanoes. These hot spots may be the key to where and how life began on Earth, and this piece follows a team of scientists looking into these questions. Read, but don’t get too close.


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