Monday Mashup: The Price Of Fun


Feb 22, 2016


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Putting A Price on Fun

A financial planner describes his ‘fun formula,’ which helped him realize how much he spends on fun and more importantly, identify the activities that really matter to his family.

Mapping The World’s Genome

Our understanding of genes –revolutionary as it has been — is still very much based on research of people with European ancestry. This man is setting out to change that — an effort that could shed light on things like, say, Indians’ predisposition to diabetes.

A Novel Look at Punctuation

We say as much with our silences as with our words — at least, that’s the idea behind this article, which examines what our favourite stories look like when the words are removed and only the punctuation remains. The comparisons between tomes is fascinating.



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