Monday Mashup: Weighted Wages and Secret Suppers


Apr 27, 2015


Monday Mashup is now weekly! Every seven days, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Chetan Bhagat Meets Fifty Shades …

This hilarious quick-read re-imagines Fifty Shades Of Gray as written by Chetan Bhagat. Enough said.

Who Run The World? (Indian) Girls!

Nice to see BBC profiling Indian women who are taking over their family businesses! Interesting to hear these ladies speak about the challenges they face in spite of their good ideas—we’re sure many of you can relate.

Google And The Weighted Wage

Google explains its policy of ‘unfair pay’, which it says compensates employees – sometimes even those in the same position – differently, based on their value to the company. It’s an interesting peek inside the online giant and food for thought about our own professional worth.

Sleep For Your Health

It’s not just about how much sleep you’re getting anymore, it’s about when you go to sleep, too. Early to bed seems to correlate with a healthier life, researchers are finding.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We’re obsessed with this photo series by photographer Rania Matar, which documents women and their adult or near-adult daughters. Images speak louder than words, indeed, and the voices of these women seem to come across loud and clear.

Beauty And The Wellbeing

Check out this bindi that doubles as a daily dose of iodine! Designed to combat iodine deficiency among rural women, it’s exactly what we want to see more of: simple, elegant and uniquely Indian solutions to social problems.

Smalltime Schadenfreude

Turns out, there’s a reason every sitcom shows men harming themselves to keep a baby entertained: According to a new study, kids as young as two experience joy in other’s pain. Luckily, it fades over time!

Menopausal Whales Take The Lead

Researchers have found that female whales who passed through menopause take on a leadership role in their pods in times of food scarcity. Nice to see the animal kingdom valuing more than the young and nubile; now, if only we could follow suit….

Inside The Secret Supper Club

Delhi has a new obsession: secret suppers. The enigmatic and exclusive epicures of Delhi are brought to light in this mildest of exposés and interviews. Still, it’s a fun peek and has us dying for an invite (if only for the validation—we’re witty, we swear).


Written By The Swaddle Team


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