Monday Mashup: When Male Sexuality Is Demonized


Aug 24, 2015


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When Male Sexuality Is Demonized

This is essay examines the disservice we do to both boys and girls when we teach girls to just say ‘no.’ An excerpt says it best: “Yes, girls are told that boys are predatory and somehow out of control. The corollary there is that boys are told they are predators, and out of control. Therefore, not a desirable thing, but a thing to defend against. From the get-go, we are teaching our kids to fear male sexuality, and to repress female sexuality.” The whole article is a refreshing perspective, and particularly poignant amid recent discussions about rape culture.

Pickier Eating, More Problems?

A new study is out linking picky eating to conditions like anxiety, depression and attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD). But the story is not so simple as one causes the other. Read more about the link here, and be prepared to be relieved by the message: Parents of picky eaters shouldn’t feel guilty for not exposing their kids to enough variety. It may not just be a phase, but it’s also not in your control.

The Mythology of Gemstones

As much as gems tell tales of ancient geological happenings, we tell tales about these beautiful, rare stones. This quick read takes you through five common gemstones, explaining the science behind their formation and the fantastical explanations and attributes they’ve acquired over centuries.

Action and Aging In The Movies

A bit long and meandering, this article is nevertheless an interesting look at aging on-screen and how action films — once the domain of the young and muscle-y — have now become a legitimate vehicle to stardom for the middle-aged. While focusing on Hollywood, it’s pretty easy to see the correlation to the three Khans and other male, middle-aged Indian stars (and female middle-aged stars — or lack of them).



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