Monday Mashup: Who’s Caring For The Caregivers?


Feb 29, 2016


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Who’s Caring For The Caregivers?

A new study by Johns Hopkins University’s school of public health suggests caring for elderly family members can take a financial, physical and mental toll on the caregivers. While the study is US-centric, it’s not a stretch to apply it here, where family in-home care is so common and expected (and it is almost always the job of a woman).

Skewering Sexism In The Movies

In case anyone hasn’t seen it, a Hollywood producer has started tweeting all of the sexist descriptions of women in the movie scripts he reads. Which prompted Slate to do similar introductions for some of the most iconic male film characters. Anyone out there in Bollywood reading? We need an Indian version of this, stat.

The Future Is Now

A team at Wake Forest University has just created living body parts — ears, jawbones, etc. — by 3D printing. While it sounds like there are still some hurdles to overcome, it’s a huge jump toward helping people get the body parts they need without relying on or waiting for donors.


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