Monday Mashup: Money Matters and Animal Vision


Aug 10, 2015


Every week, we scour the web to bring you interesting bits and pieces from around the world. Enjoy!

Money Matters

Money may not be the secret to happiness, but it can cause a lot of unhappiness when mishandled. This article suggests 12 things to teach your kids about money while they’re still young. It’s a list of concepts basic enough for kids to understand, and important enough for us to refresh!

See How Animals See

This fascinating read on animal vision is more hands-on than you might think. With interactive photos, you can experience and compare human sight to the vision of various animals. It then goes on to explain why and how our sight — among the best of the animal kingdom — differs from the animals around us.

How Social Media Is Killing The Web

Written by an Iranian blogger jailed for six years, this is a critical look at how the web has changed in such a short amount of time, how those changes have crept up on the rest of us regular users, and how these changes are not all for the good. The Internet used to be a place where everyone’s voices could be heard, he says. Now, with the dominance of social media, it’s a place where voices are drowned in The Stream.


Even when we’re fluent in a language, there is still more to learn. This article looks at the one-word exclamations, the guttural utterances (think: the ‘ahem’ sound, or wah!) that have meanings in various cultures across the world. They say more than words, but often are semi-lingual nuances that get lost in translation. There’s even an audio example of interjections in various languages. Pick up a few new ones ahead of your next trip and get mistaken for a local!


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