Gifts for New Moms that Won’t Hit ‘Snooze’ at the Baby Shower


Aug 10, 2015


If we struck out your go-to gifts for new moms with our what-not-to-gift list, worry not. We have gift ideas for new moms that will take your gifting to a new level. While everyone is giving baby shower gifts that celebrate her new little one, try something different by giving the new mum something that celebrates her, too.

Non-boring gifts for new moms

Pre-paid photo shoot

Gifts for new mums tend to skew toward the baby shower guests’ preferences, rather than the mom’s. But photography is something even the pickiest of parents can appreciate. Yes, it’s almost universally accessible and affordable, thanks to digital cameras. But family selfies will never have the magic a professional can deliver. (Not to mention those usually stay buried in your phone, leaving picture frames blank.)

Pre-pay for a photographer to take candid, natural shots of your friend’s family. Prices for this kind of package differ according to location and photographer, so finding the right fit may take a bit of effort on your part. But that will make your gift all the more special. And if there’s still room in your budget, consider including a professional album, frames, or make the prints yourself.

At-home massage

Expectant and new mothers are always in need of some de-stressing, but with unending to-do lists (and general exhaustion), they may never make it to a spa. Be the friend who cares and gift a house call from a masseuse that can be redeemed whenever the mom has time.

You have a few options to make this gift stand out even more: Give the precious gift of alone time and book for your friend alone. Or, make it a mom-and-baby date with a package for both. Finally, consider making it a mini girls’ staycation by joining your friend for a catch up over foot massages for two.

Aromatherapy kit

If your friend doesn’t enjoy massages (yes, such people exist), an aromatherapy kit is a great alternative. Incense, essential oils, and aromatic candles are flexible, easy and surefire ways for expectant/new moms to release the tension. Be sure to find out if your friend is allergic to any fragrance in particular—you want your gift to induce calm, not a sneezing fit. Do your homework properly, and you’ll be remembered every time that wonderful whiff of lavender wafts through the house.

“Listen to Mom” day

Pregnancy causes a surge of hormones that sometimes lead to irrational cravings or wants. And new motherhood can compound life’s demands and duties. While supportive families and husbands do what they can, there are some things they may not be able to help with.

This is secretly one of the greatest gifts for new moms: Indulge your friend by spending an entire day doing anything and everything she wants — watching chick flicks all day, gorging on biryani, running errands—anything this mom or mom-to-be asks, you do with her. Having a friend who doesn’t judge, but rather indulges in your whims and stands shoulder-to-shoulder for life’s boring tasks is priceless. You’ll both remember the day for a long time.

Coffee machine

We’re assuming you know your friend well enough to gauge her level and method (tea or coffee) of caffeine addiction. The arrival of a baby can pause routine indulgences, like enjoying that perfectly brewed cuppa by the window. And while you can’t gift your friend 10 minutes of peace to savour each sip, a machine that can make the perfect blend – with the right amount of kick – will certainly be appreciated, even if it’s sipped over diaper changes.

What’s the best baby shower gifts for new moms you’ve ever received or given? Tell us in the comments!


Written By The Swaddle Team


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