What Parents Really Want For Valentine’s Day


Feb 12, 2016


Lovebirds of all age groups go into a tizzy at the beginning of February, looking for new ways to impress their better halves. But romance changes once you have kids. It doesn’t die, it’s just that it’s less perfume and flowers, and more something else. We asked real parents to tell us what that something else is.

Simran (son, age 1)

“I’d just like a day when my husband takes care of my son completely and I can just relax by myself.”

Sapna (son, age 4)

“I would just like to spend a quiet day with my husband and my son, maybe do a short getaway to some place close by. My husband works as a flight purser so the three of us don’t get to spend a lot of time together. It would be nice to do that.”

Jahnvi (son, age 3; daughter, age 1)

“We have really had a tough time finding a nanny in the past 6 months, and my husband doesn’t really help or even realize how difficult it is. The best gift will be if he finds a good nanny for us!”

Neeraj (daughter, age 7)

“Just two things: My wife should leave Ayana (daughter) with her mom for the day, and bake a chocolate cake which we can have together after a nice dinner. I can arrange the dinner and everything else. She used to bake a lot before, but now she doesn’t get time and I miss eating her cakes.”

Saumya (daughter, age 2)

“My husband has a media job and he’s always busy. All I want is for him to take a break from work and spend quality time with me and my daughter.”

Kanishk (son, age 9)

“I think every day is like Valentine’s Day for us! But ideally I would love to take a day off and spend it with my family, somewhere out of town, just the three of us.”

Divya (daughter, age 5; son, age 4 months)

“I would like my husband to make some arrangement for the kids so we can go out for dinner, just the two of us. He works with the Navy, so he is either away on ship or he’s at home with the family. The two of us rarely spend time together alone.”

Rupa (son, age 3)

“I would really like if my husband can come home early from work and look after my son so I can just go shopping! I haven’t done that in so long. I would even come home and cook a nice meal for both of them, so all of us can enjoy ourselves. And even if my husband does the usual stuff like buying me gifts and a card [plus the shopping spree] I’ll be happy.”

Amit (son, age 4)

“I’ve already planned a short holiday for us. I just want (my wife) to enjoy herself and be happy.”

Divya (daughter, age 6)

“I would love a nice surprise. Nothing really fancy, just some balloons and candles in the house with nice music playing and maybe he could order my favourite food. That’s all I want.”

Sonu (son, age 7 months)

“It would be nice if the three of us could do a small day picnic together, somewhere close by. A long drive, nice music, lazing around, munching on sandwiches, playing with our baby. And since this Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, I think it’s the perfect plan.”





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Written By The Swaddle Team


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