Beauty: Feminist or Not?

Mar 11, 2022


Is beauty oppressive or can it be empowering? In this week’s episode, we discuss Rihanna and Fenty Beauty, Naomi Wolf’s ‘The Beauty Myth,’ and whether we should reclaim or dismantle beauty norms.

‘Respectfully Disagree’ is The Swaddle Team’s very own podcast series, in which we get together to discuss and dissect the issues we passionately differ on.

Books and articles we referred to:

  1. ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf
  2. ‘Feminist Pleasure And Feminine Beautification’ by Ann J. Cahill
  3. ‘The Right to Be Beautiful: Postfeminist Identity and Consumer Beauty Advertising’ by Michelle M. Lazar
  4. ‘Appearance as a Feminist Issue’ by Deborah L. Rhode
  5. ‘Because it is beautiful’: new feminist perspectives on beauty by Rita Felski
  6. ‘The Age of Instagram Face’ by Jia Tolentino
  7. ‘Is Beauty In The Eyes Of The Colonizer?’ by Leah Donnella
  8. ‘Rihanna’s Lingerie Line Brings Up a Complicated Discussion About Language’ by Gwen Benaway


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