Dalit Feminism, Digital Communities and Media Coverage of Crimes Against Dalits

Nov 12, 2022


In this conversation from December, 2021, Dr. Smita M. Patil  talks to us about Dalit feminism, why media coverage of crimes against Dalits ends up reproducing Brahmanical ideologies, and how Dalit women are using newer technologies to form digital communities. 

‘TS Talks’ is a diverse collection of The Swaddle team’s audio conversations with experts, academics and sources over the years.


00:00:54:19- How has the privatisation of education impacted the social exclusion Dalit students encounter in higher education institutions in India?

00:07:09:10- What is Dalit feminism, and how has it changed the discourse of hegemonic, Brahminical feminism? 

00:11:00:16- How does the media end up reproducing Brahminical ideologies in its coverage of crimes against Dalit women?

00:18:49:09- Why do you believe that caste-based reservations are an important follow-up to the Women’s Reservation Bill for representation in politics? 

00:25:59:10- How are Dalit women and girls using technologies and new media to form digital communities?


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