Decolonising Data Privacy, Digital Leisure, and More With Dr. Payal Arora

Jul 10, 2023


In this episode, digital anthropologist, Dr. Payal Arora discusses why mobile leisure like online romance and entertainment is necessary, data policies across South Asia, and why data privacy is a big concern.

‘In Perspective’ is The Swaddle’s podcast series where academics reveal little-known facts about Indian history, society and culture.


00:00:40:00- Has there been a Western bias in the evaluation of the impact of big data?

00:01:49:00- Is there a bias in framing big data as empowerment in the Global South, and what are the problems with this narrative? 

00:05:50:00- How do we draw a line between doing good and the monopoly that comes with big companies helping the Global South with connectivity? How do we regulate it? 

00:07:23:12- What is digital leisure? What ways can new media and the evolution of the internet enable this leisure? 

00:10:34:00- How is the idea of leisure in the context of mobile internet played out for Indian youth? Can online romance, play and entertainment have a positive impact on people’s life?  

00:13:54:00- How has the approach to digital privacy been driven by neo liberal ideology? What will it mean to decolonise digital privacy?  

00:18:19:12- Is data privacy still a big concern where there is  data surveillance by authorities?  

00:22:39:12- What are some of the problems with the application of transnational data regulation policies in the contexts of the Global South?  

00:26:07:00- What are the ups and downs of digital romance in India, and how does it affect the youth? Is the Indian youth aware of concepts such as data privacy? What are the downsides of romance playing out online?


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