Have Documentaries Become Too Commercial?

Mar 31, 2023


This week, documentary filmmaker Shilpi Gulati (Taala Te Kunjee, Qissa-e-Parsi) and film editor Vedant Joshi (All That Breathes, Fursat), join us to discuss the ethics of documentary films, and the impact of commercial filmmaking with series like The Romantics and Harry & Meghan.

Here are the films we refer to during the episode: 

-Taala Te Kunjee 

-All That Breathes 

-Born Into Brothels 

-Tales of the Night Fairies 

-Something Like A War 

-Writing With Fire

-An Insignificant Man

-Lakshmi and Me

-Nida Mehboob’s Let’s Talk About Sex

-The Cinema Travellers

And here is the link to the Vulture article Shrishti mentions: https://www.vulture.com/article/tv-documentaries-ethical-standards.html 

Respectfully Disagree is The Swaddle Team’s very own podcast series, in which we get together to discuss and dissect the issues we passionately differ on.


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