Indian Lesbian Feminism, Political Friendships and More With Dr. Niharika Banerjea

Feb 27, 2023


In this episode, sociologist Dr. Niharika Banerjea speaks with us about transnational feminisms, the queer critique of happiness, and the revolutionary possibilities of friendship.

‘In Perspective’ is The Swaddle’s podcast series where academics reveal little-known facts about Indian history, society and culture. 


00:01:09:07- In sexuality studies, is there an invisibilization of certain sexualities that do not follow categorisations, especially in the global south? Does transnational queer research hold radical possibilities in addressing some of those power dynamics and research hierarchies? 

00:07:02:19- What place does lesbian feminism occupy within postcolonial feminism and the movement for LGBT rights? Is this limiting in any way?

00:14:31:07- What factors were responsible for the rise  in discourse around women loving women and the need to spotlight this kind of violence? 

00:16:26:04- Why are legislative changes important for queer rights around the world? What are the limitations of legislative changes in addressing exclusion? 

00:22:11:11- What is the critique of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ by queer theorists? What does it mean to put the liveability of LGBTQ+ lives in conversation with critical engagements with happiness?

00:31:36:02- Is friendship political? What power does it hold when it comes to social justice movements?


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