Rethinking Traditional Masculinity, the ‘Ghar Jamai’ Stereotype, and More With Prof. Radhika Chopra

May 8, 2023


In this episode, sociologist Prof. Radhika Chopra discusses South Asian masculinity, and what it means for heterosexual men to be feminists.

‘In Perspective’ is The Swaddle’s podcast series where academics reveal little-known facts about Indian history, society and culture. 


00:00:58:07- How is ‘veiling’ experienced in dual gendered ways, and how does it impact men in particular?

00:10:08:03- What makes veiling such a contested issue when it comes to women? Do we need to expand the idea of ‘veiling’ itself?

00:13:53:15- What are the defining characteristics of masculinity in South Asia? What does it mean to be a man in the shifting context of the sub-continent?

00:22:40:16- How is the figure of the househusband lampooned in popular culture? What does our understanding of economically dependent husbands tell us about mainstream and marginal masculinities in India?

00:28:10:01- How do we understand a man’s role in a familial structure? Why do we need to pay attention to the role that men play with respect to gender equality within households, or ‘domestic democracies’? 

00:40:17:06- What are pro-feminist masculinities? What kind of tensions do they produce? What does it mean for heterosexual men to support the cause of gender equality?


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