Re‑Release: Is There A Generation Gap in Feminism?

Mar 3, 2023


This week, we are re-releasing an episode from the archives, with guest Genesia Alves, who happens to also be the host of our new podcast ‘The Best Parts.’ In this re-released episode, we discuss consent, new feminist lingo, and whether a generational divide among feminists is hurting the fight for gender equality.
‘The Best Parts’ is The Swaddle’s new podcast series, where Genesia unpacks our favourite film characters with help from the women who created them. Listen to the first episode featuring Zoya Akhtar unpacking Sona from ‘Luck By Chance’ here – https://open.spotify.com/show/6Nhthu7iFL5uaOap5yYJTQ?si=tPaWfWuTQRC7113nyM3hZA.


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