The Buzz Cut: Asahd Khaled Continues to Live His Best Life


Oct 27, 2017


In The Buzz Cut, we give hot takes on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about over lunch all week.

First birthdays. Asahd Khaled, DJ Khaled’s son, continues to live the life everyone wants.

Juicy secrets? Anna Faris, soon-to-be ex Chris Pratt, and their son, Jack, just seem so perfect in these excerpts from Faris’s new memoir, Unqualified. We wonder if there’s going to be a clue as to the cause of this “perfect” family’s unexpected (and widely mourned) split between those pages.

Maternity fashion update. Vogue wonders: Has the time for ‘cool’ maternity labels finally come? Maybe, but we still stand by our own hacks for avoiding maternity wear altogether.

Inappropriate laughter. Are we the only ones who think this swearing doll situation is kind of hilarious?

Medical insanity. A groundbreaking new procedure just removed a 6-months-pregnant woman’s uterus, in order to patch a birth defect in the fetus inside. And then they put it back. Successfully.

Maybe just elope? Meghan Markle’s dad is happy for her, according to a neighborly source who surprisingly actually has a name. The actress is the possible-soon-to-be-no-one-actually-knows-anything-so-let’s-speculate-wildly fiancee of Prince Harry, and Sourcey McSourcerson says Markle’s father might interrupt his quiet retirement to walk her down the aisle of Westminster.

The real star. Holt McCallanny, star of our current Netflix obsession (well, one of them) Mindhunter talks about channeling his late father’s personality for the character. That’s got to be the least weird thing about that show.

A family/legal nightmare. Frank Ocean has defeated a $14.5 million libel case brought against him by his father, over a 2016 post in which Ocean recounted hearing, as a 6-year-old, his father use the slur ‘f—-t’ in reference to a transgender waitress. Everything about this sounds exactly as Ocean’s attorney says: “It was a super sad case.”

Difficult question: Is referring to those currently harboring an embryo inside them as “pregnant women” exclusionary to transgender people? Discuss (the UK and UN are; the UK favors “pregnant people”).

The name game. The French have some pretty stringent laws about naming children, and now one couple is in court after giving their baby the beautiful, yet admittedly questionable, name of ‘Jihaad.’

Real talk from the pros. Football legend Abby Wambach, now a stepmother, talks about why focusing on winning isn’t the best thing sports-parents can do for kids.

Insert Billy Joel lyric here. Billy Joel is set to have another kid at age 68. Enough said.


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