The Buzz Cut: Celeb Families Do Halloween


Nov 3, 2017


In The Buzz Cut, we give hot takes on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about over lunch all week.

Halloween highlights. Actress Busy Philipps’s daughter went as her mum for Halloween and her costume is both spookily and hilariously accurate. Luckily, Philipps seems like the best kind of sport. Elsewhere on Halloween, actor Neil Patrick Harris’s family went in a very different direction that involved a lot more make-up (fun!) and clowns (no thanks!). Michael Jackson’s adult children stepped out in costume together (we’re old!). And finally, we were looking for a bit more subtlety in the costume chosen by everyone’s Sexy Intellectual Crush, but there’s no denying he’s tapped into the zeitgeist. And our hearts.

Never say never. Selena Gomez’s family “will never accept Justin Bieber.” We said that once, too, back in 2010. Then “Baby” came out, and look where we all are now.

Get with the times. A bit of schooling in how to refer to a transgender parent, courtesy of Caitlyn Jenner’s son.

She’s a mother, not dead. There’s no such thing as being ‘too sexy’ for a mother. We hope actress, dancer and mum Jenna Dewan Tatum is ignoring the haters. She looks fabulous!

Schadenfreude. If it makes you feel better about your life, Queen Bey is embarrassed by her mother Tina Knowles’s social media accounts, too.

Bad Moms do some good. The stars of Bad Moms 2: Bigger and Badder Boogaloo (whatever) help out a real-life struggling working mom. Nicely done, ladies!

Stars; they really are just like us. Except when they’re not. Like when their mundane family walk is news.

Literarily shocked. Author JD Salinger was kind of a terrible dad.

Questionable fashion advice. Professional famous person Kourtney Kardashian has some tips on pregnancy style. To be fair, she might be the only Kardashian whose style advice we’d consider.

Mat/pat leave updates. IBM has upped its allowed leave for both new moms and dads, as well as updated its policy support alternative paths to parenthood, like surrogacy. Nice! Meanwhile, in case it was tempting to mistake neutrality with equality, Switzerland is here to correct you, as the country just shot down the possibility of paid paternity leave.

Fail. This start-up is trying to make paternity wear, for the mustachioed Millennial Dad in all of us.

Slow clap for the Moores! Mandy Moore, star of the family drama du jour,  This is Us, appreciates her parents.

Bondage bonding experience. We’re obsessed with this first-person account of a writer’s experience going to an erotica convention with his mom. It’s surprisingly heartwarming!


Written By The Swaddle Team


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