Nutrition and Eating


Kids need quality nutrition and ample food to grow — it’s that simple. Unfortunately, making sure they get that can feel difficult. Eating habits are ingrained early — some say in infancy, but definitely by age 4 — when kids are often at their fussiest. Getting through that stage mainly takes consistency around mealtimes and limits on snacking.

But the resources here start from the beginning, with tips to help you start your baby on solid foods. (It boils down to paying attention to what they’re capable of, then patiently trying one new food at a time.) Resources here also address food habits and needs as kids grow older, when eating becomes more about having good table manners and a healthy diet — one that really does not need to have sugar in it. In fact, sugar is linked not only to childhood obesity, but also a host of lifestyle diseases later in life.

Luckily, we’ve also got recipes for kids that will be so tasty they won’t miss sugary treats. Eat up.


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