Pregnancy: a topic that everyone and their auntie has an opinion on. And most of the time, those opinions are about what a pregnant woman can’t do.

But pregnancy is not so prohibitive, if you know the facts around it. And this section will give you those pregnancy facts — from how to exercise during pregnancy safely, to pregnancy diet tips that will help your baby grow healthily. We also address those pesky pregnancy myths that keep circling back to you. (Sex during pregnancy is totally fine!) The pregnancy information here will be with you from the start, detailing the early signs of pregnancy that can occur before an at-home test can confirm, and through the scary moments, explaining what kind of spotting of bleeding during pregnancy is normal, and what is cause for concern. And, because not all pregnancies are wanted or viable, this section also contains guidance on termination of pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming to wade through all of the pregnancy tips coming at you. The articles and videos here will make it a little easier.

Pregnancy Resources


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