A Mighty Girl

| Jun 20, 2015


A Mighty Girl is a curated offering of products and media that convey strong, confident, positive messages around girlhood. Based on this premise alone, we were prepared to love it, but the scope and thoughtfulness of its offerings sealed the deal. Story lovers ourselves, we particularly love the book section, which has such unique categories as ‘Mighty Girls and Women’ for stories about strong role models and ‘Social Issues’ for books that introduce concepts like abuse and poverty to a variety of age groups. And who wouldn’t want their little girl running around in a Wonder Woman tee from the clothing section? The best thing about the site? It doesn’t forget that strong parents shape strong girls. There’s a parenting section that connects moms and dads with resources on self-esteem, bullying, healthy living, homosexuality, and a host of uniquely female experiences.


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