Breach Candy Hospital

| Jun 20, 2015


The best South Bombay doctors retain privileges here, and so their loyal patients deliver where their doctors practice.  Fans of the BCH experience will laud the experienced nursing staff and the dedicated care new mothers receive. Though it’s a South Bombay institution, and remains a favorite among local moms, we think this hospital has seen better days.  If you’re lucky enough to secure one of the newer, waterfront rooms – whether by luck of the draw or the influence of your doctor  – you might be able to forget the appearance of the older wing of the maternity ward.  With newer hospitals in the suburbs focusing their resources on state-of-the-art maternity and NICU equipment, we think Breach Candy is due for a major upgrade soon, lest its following discover how how far behind the facilities have fallen.  Even some of the post-delivery care seems rigid; for example, BCH doesn’t make room for approaches such as “kangaroo care” that call for skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery.


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