Dr. Ajanta Narvekar

| Jun 20, 2015


Dr. Ajanta Narvekar knows her craft. She’s an experienced doctor, a no-nonsense practitioner, and exactly the sort of hardworking and knowledgeable resource you want in your corner if you’re facing the stress of fertility problems. She is straightforward and business-like in her demeanor, but she is sensitive to the fact that fertility issues create immense pressure on her patients and their families. We appreciate the fact that she looks at many different avenues for helping couples to conceive, and will not immediately counsel couples in favor of difficult and expensive procedures like IVF if there’s an easier alternative.


Dadar: 603 Goola Mansion, Jam e Jamshed Road, Five Gardens

SOBO: Patel Chambers, 2nd Floor, Opposite Opera House Theatre, Next to French Bridge


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