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Dr. Mahesh Balsekar

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Dr. Balsekar is one of Bombay’s most highly-regarded and experienced pediatricians. Not only do children love him, parents appreciate that he takes time to answer their questions and always takes their panicked 3am calls. He is Head of Breach Candy Pediatrics and is revered within the medical community. Parents go to him for his non-interventionist approach — he’ll only recommend blood tests if absolutely necessary and will prescribe antibiotics as a last resort. His clinic at Opera House is spacious and clean, with a nice fish tank to keep kids entertained while they wait. He’s an absolute gem, but know that he expects a lot out of his parents as well — he’ll expect you to know details about your child’s routine, and sleeping and eating habits — so arrive prepared!



4th Floor Bombay Mutual Terrace
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Road
Opera House, Girgaon
Mumbai 400007

Phone Number

022 2369 0555


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