Dr. Sahar Bhaloo

| Jun 19, 2015


Dr. Bhaloo is a great choice for individuals or couples who are seeking a professional and highly-trained psychologist to guide them through depression (including postpartum), anxiety, relationship problems, loss, major life transitions, and trauma.  Dr. Bhaloo has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Counseling from the U.S., and has practiced in the US and Canada.  Patients with concerns about confidentiality will appreciate her very strict approach to doctor-patient confidentiality; patients have told us they feel instantly comfortable around her, and her peers in her field recommend her highly.

(Full disclosure: Dr. Bhaloo is a part of TheSwaddle team. But there’s no personal bias in this review!  We met Dr. Bhaloo during the vetting process, and had incorporated her into our top picks before she started working with us.)


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