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Rewa Escape – Spa By The Bay

There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage—unless it’s a massage with a spectacular vista of the Arabian Sea. We love the Rewa Escape Spa for its views and a commodity that’s hard to find in this town: silence. Coming out of Rewa, you feel as if you’ve been in a mini-holiday. The menu is a little basic, but the spa makes up for the limited selection with a focus on service.  That said, we were a little disappointed in the manicures and pedicures – while the treatment looked perfect at first, it all chipped within 36 hours.  We still like Rewa as a venue for spa parties, or for gift cards. (Is it Mother’s Day yet?)



Rewa House Bungalow
Opposite Cadbury House & Audi South
Bank of India Lane
Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai 400026

Phone Number

022 2352 0580

Mobile Number

096 1944 4993


Web Site

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