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Samskara Wellness

This is our favorite resource for healthy living in Mumbai. The proprietors of this business really treat it as a labour of love, and don’t sell any product that hasn’t been very carefully vetted, all the way through the distribution chain. From organic red grain rice, to the highest-caliber home air filters, if you need the healthiest possible version of their products — which include flour, soap, organic cosmetics, and cheese — you’ll find it here. With Samskara’s strict dedication to quality, you can be sure that they’re not just slapping on the “organic” label that gets misused so often. Samskara mainly supplies directly to retailers, but will do home delivery in Mumbai for orders more than Rs 2500.



Samskara Wellness Products Private Limited
Unit 15, Cama Industrial Estate
Sun Mill Compound
Lower Parel West
Mumbai 400013

Phone Number

022 2495 2270

Alternate Number

022 2495 2271


Web Site

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