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Serra International

This South Mumbai daycare ticks all the boxes: A large, clean, safe space for kids 16 months and older, with staff trained in child care and basic first aid, healthy food, and creative activities. Even better, it feels like a home away from home, where kids can truly be comfortable while well-supervised (the kids-to-caretaker ratio is a reassuring 3:1). The only drawback that struck us could be a big one for working parents, though: Daycare timings are limited from 12pm to 6pm. Their fixed eating and napping schedule, too, might be difficult for young children who require more flexibility.



6 Sunrise, 4th Pasta Lane
Opposite lane to Camay Wafer
UCO Bank, Colaba
Mumbai 400005

Phone Number

022 6624 6000

Mobile Number

090 2297 5884


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